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Cloudgeass library structure

Before your first experience with cloudgeass, it's important to know how the package is organized with its modules and classes.


Getting straight to the point, each cloudgeass module represents an AWS service that contains at least one class and a bunch of methods built from both boto's source client and resource for that service.

In other words, some modules that you can find here are:

  • for working with S3 service
  • for working with EC2 service
  • for working with Secrets Manager service
  • and some others


Each one of the aforementioned modules have at least one class that can be imported on user's application in order to provide access to all features for that given AWS service. So, we have:

  • class with methods to operate with S3 service
  • class with methods to operate with EC2 service
  • class with methods to operate with Secrets Manager service
  • and some others


All cloudgeass' service classes are initialized with a set of predefined attributes to make the work easier. Those basic attributes are:

Service class attribute Description
self.logger A preconfigured logger object to build and stream informative log messages
self.client A boto3 client for the given service
self.resource A boto3 resource for the given service

The attributes can be externally accessed for all class instances created on an application. This means users can build an application using both cloudgeass and source boto3 code.


Finally, each service class has its own set of methods that, in fact, enables the power of using cloudgeass to do simple tasks in an AWS environment. To mention some of them, we have: