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Getting a report of all objects within a bucket

Feature overview

🚀 Method bucket_objects_report()
📄 Description A method that enables users to get a pandas DataFrame with a friendly report of all objects within a bucket (and optionally within a bucket prefix)
📦 Acessible from

Feature demo

In this demo, we will get a pandas DataFrame with useful details about all objects within a bucket called datadelivery-sor-data-282495905450-us-east-1 (adding a filter prefix to get only objects inside br_ecommerce/).

# Importing the client class
from import S3Client

# Creating a class instance
s3 = S3Client()

# Getting a report of objects within a bucket
df_objects_report = s3.bucket_objects_report(

# Checking the result
📽️ Getting a report of all objects within a S3 bucket

A video gif showing the bucket_objects_report() method

Additional comments

This method uses a source boto3 s3 client list_objects_v2() with a bucket name and a prefix parameteres to filter the data analyzed.

By using the bucket_objects_report() method, cloudgeass users can have in hands a pandas DataFrame in a friendly format that enables the extraction of many insights, such as:

  • The size of the largest objects in the bucket
  • The name and the file format of all objects stored in the given bucket
  • The storage class of all objects (optimization opportunities)
  • and many others