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Do simple tasks in AWS as simple as possible



Ladies and gentlemen, meet cloudgeass as a helpful Python library that is able to improve the way how users run simple tasks in AWS using boto3 client and resource.

Built as a boto3 wrapper, the cloudgeass package aims to put together some useful functions and methods for common tasks in AWS, such as:

  • List all S3 buckets in an AWS account
  • Get a report from all objects within a S3 bucket in a pandas DataFrame format
  • Get the last date partition from a table stored in S3
  • Get a secret string from Secrets Manager
  • Launch an EC2 instance
  • and much more
Where this name cloudgeass came from?

Ha! I though you would ask me that!

The name cloudgeass was inspired by a renowned japanese anime called Code Geass. If you don't know this anime, it's a gold chance to watch it for the first time. It will surprise you, believe me!

So, as a python package that has the purpose to put together some useful features and blocks of code to run in the cloud, cloudgeass just sound nice and fits perfectly.


To start using the package, just install it using pip (or any other Python dependency management of your choose) as:

pip install cloudgeass

You may want to install cloudgeass in a Python virtual environment to get a good control of your project or application dependencies. If you don't know what this is about, feel free to take a look at this excellent article from Real Python.

What to find in this doc?

Well, the work is always been done. Until this moment, there are some pages to be highlighted in this doc, such as:

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